Phygital art at Poklonnaya 9


The sales office of the Poklonnaya 9 apartment complex presented works by contemporary Russian artists who use new technologies in their work. Here were presented the works of famous authors - Aristarkh Chernyshev, Kirill Rave and Sayan Baigaliev. The guests of the evening got acquainted with the new direction of contemporary art - phygital. The bright culmination of the event was Alisa Nozhnina's VR performance - she created the Poklonnaya 9 project in the virtual space in real time. The event was organized with the participation of the information agency in the field of art 1artchannel and the private club ART ÉLITE.

“For me personally, it was a revelation how serious the dialogue between contemporary digital and material art can be. Premium development is also a kind of art. The Poklonnaya 9 project is an excellent confirmation of this. Our complex can be attributed to phygital art, - comments Yana Tachalova, Commercial Director of ANT Development. – It has a physical part a unique architecture, high-quality finishing materials, panoramic windows, but a high-quality premium product is impossible without a digital environment that includes modern engineering, smart home systems and services – this combination makes our customers’ lives convenient and comfortable 24/7".

“The mission of our club is to find a dialogue between artists and people interested in art from other areas, - says Anastasia Perova, art critic, founder of the art information agency 1artchannel and the private club ART ÉLITE. We also set educational goals for ourselves. Following the trends in the development of art in NFT since 2020, we noticed an increased interest in phygital, so we decided to find the best format for the presentation of this phenomenon together with our partners - ANT Development, which keeps pace with the times just like us".

Aristarkh Chernyshev presented a conceptual collection of PiO microorganisms, without which it seems impossible to imagine the post-Anthropocene era. PiO is a hybrid of a genetically modified leech and a smartphone that lives on the human body, feeds on its blood, and in return provides informational inclusion and reverent concern for the health of the owner-donor, it can produce various substances and inject them directly into the blood.

Kirill Rave presented three sculptures made with the help of 3D printing technology and a digital work "The Flower of Civilization". Especially for the event, Kirill created a new object - "The Skull of the Fish Civilization". His artistic image is based on one of the most toothy fish on the planet - piranha. The rest of the skulls were based on the works of Darwin, the falsification of the remains of aliens, the canonical image of Jesus.

Sayan Baigaliev, a student of Aidan Salakhova, the only traditional artist of the past exhibition project, presented at the event his sculpture “Koskese” (from the Kazakh language - “connected bowls”), which, with the participation of the 1artchannel agency, was transferred to NFT. United bowls are an image of the spiritual connection of generations, the transfer and exchange of knowledge.

Alisa Nozhnina is a new media artist and 3D designer who turns her ideas into VR compositions. In his work, he experiments a lot with forms, using non-standard solutions. Alice created VR-art, reflecting the Poklonnaya 9 as a new point of attraction on the landscape of Moscow.