Construction news "Poklonnaya 9"


After the completion of monolithic work, the main attention at Poklonnaya 9 is focused on the construction of internal partitions and walls, interior decoration, on the installation of utilities and electrical systems.
The façade work continues, at the moment they are half completed - up to the 7th floor the house will be lined with natural stone, and above - the highest quality fiberglass concrete will be used.
The windows are made from the German Schüco profile. Glasses of the Belgian production of the AGC Glass company - they which differ in the maximum light transmission capacity. Thanks to the mirror coating, the house will reflect the mood of the city with its bright sunrises and mesmerizing sunsets.

Our showrooms are almost completed in three styles of design finishes "Timeless", "Industrial" and "Modern" and will soon be ready to receive the first guests.