Poklonnaya 9 will be built within six mont


The construction of the Poklonnaya 9 apartment complex will be completed in the 2nd quarter of 2023. At the moment, the facade of the house is 90% ready. German Schüco windows with Belgian Crystalvision glasses with a slight mirror effect were chosen for glazing. Also, builders have almost completed the installation of mechanical engineering systems (91%) and 58% have completed electrical systems.

The interior work includes the installation of partition walls in the apartments (91% completed) as well as the finishing of the apartments, which is 73% complete.

The project presents three styles of designer finishes, they use natural stone, ceramic plates from Italy, German and Italian sanitary ware from manufacturers Dornbracht, Hüppe, Viega, Salini and Catalano.

Doors are installed at 54%: entrance doors from the Turkish manufacturer Gorhan, interior doors from the Italian company Barausse. Elevator equipment, which includes service and passenger elevators from manufacturers Thyssen and Schindler, is 97% ready.

On the 18th floor of Poklonnaya 9, you can see completely finished apartments - evaluate the finishing materials, walk along the halls and be enchanted by the views from the windows. You can sign up for a meeting by calling the numbers listed on the site, or order a call back